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workplace doing the daily mile

Greater Manchester has the ambition to be the world’s first daily mile city region; aiming for all nurseries, schools, universities and workplaces to adopt The Daily Mile.

A key GM Moving priority is to play our full part to limit and respond to ecological breakdown. Reducing carbon-emissions, increasing biodiversity and being good guardians of Greater Manchester (GM) for future generations.

A key priority within GM Moving in Action is to realise the potential of movement, physical activity and sport to support individual and collective economic inclusion, wealth creation and an inclusive economic reset in Greater Manchester, as described in the Local Economic Partnership Vision.

A key GM Moving priority is to work and lead alongside others in Greater Manchester to dismantle deep-rooted spatial, demographic and socio-economic inequalities which stand in the way of a good and active life for all.

A key GM Moving priority is to increase community-led, designed and owned initiatives and assets and to grow people’s voice, power and connectivity in local places and spaces. Creating the conditions for people to be active participants in all senses of the word - building stronger communities where all can thrive.


Working together to get Bolton's residents moving