The Youth Justice Fund worked to engage with young people (aged 10 to 17) who were vulnerable to getting involved in criminal activities, displaying anti-social behaviour, and engaging in violence by engaging them in community physical activity and sport.

Here's what happened in Salford:

Focus areas: Walkden, Charlestown, Eccles and East Salford

Partners: Salford Community Leisure and Salford Council’s community resilience team.

Salford Community Leisure lead on the funding, and created teams from the councils locality based community resilience teams.

The chosen areas were from reports of anti-social behaviour and young people involved with the police and justice system.

The first project was in Walkden, creating The Den in partnership with Salford's targeted youth service.

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Salford Community Centre has emerged as a pivotal hub for positive change and community connection, transforming the lives
of individuals across Salford through its impactful programs.

The project's essence lies in its ability to foster a profound sense of community while offering valuable access to local services, creating a ripple effect of positive engagement and transformation.

"They stop you from being on the streets and getting into trouble."

A key highlight of this initiative is its capacity to bridge gaps and establish connections within the community.

Young people who previously remained detached from local services have experienced a paradigm shift in their understanding of the value of access. Through sport-based programmes and place-based activities, they've not only supported each other but have also been embraced by the fabric of their local services.

This holistic approach has equipped participants with local insights and community awareness, further solidifying their sense of belonging. The funding has played a crucial role in creating a foundation of evidence that has empowered partners to seek additional funds.

As a result, the Den and The Castle programmes have been extended by 12 months, ensuring the sustainability of these provisions beyond the funding period.

"I really liked doing the arts around women in sport, I have asked my mum if she can take me to a football game"

In conclusion, the Salford Community Centre has emerged as a beacon of community empowerment and transformation.

Through its innovative programs and commitment to holistic growth, it has succeeded in fostering connections, expanding
access, and promoting positive change.

With funding acting as a catalyst for sustainability and growth, the initiative serves as a testament to the enduring impact of collaborative community-focused endeavours.

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