Wigan Overview

These results continue the positive trend in Wigan, there has been an increase of 4.7% in the number of adults moving, (active and fairly active), since Active Lives launched in November 2015-16. This is a greater increase than both England (1.0%) and Greater Manchester (2.3%). 

Wigan Moving Population Compared to Greater Manchester Over Time

When this latest release is combined with activity data on children and young people, 219,000 Wigan residents are moving. Find out more about activity levels of children and young people in Wigan here.

Changes in inactivity

Since the first Active Lives release, November 2015-16, Wigan has seen a decrease in inactivity levels across all cohorts. The largest decreases in inactivity have been amongst those aged 75+ with a 15.7% decrease, those from lower income categories, a 9.4% decrease, and those without a long therm limiting disability a 6.8% decrease.

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