Research and Insight: Whole system approach

As we learn more about taking a whole system approach to physical activity this section will gather key research and evidence to support our work.

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By GreaterSport

Following the World Health Organisation's Physical Activity Strategy for the WHO European Region 2016-2025 they have produced a document updating the progress against the priorities listed below. We have summarised the findings into the attached update summary below.

By Britain Thinks

GM Moving’s goal is for 75% of the population of Greater Manchester to be active by 2025. In order to do this it is developing a behaviour change campaign to encourage inactive residents to increase their activity levels.

By Public Health England

Promoting the health and wellbeing of pupils and students within schools and colleges has the potential to improve both educational and health and wellbeing outcomes.

By GreaterSport

A review of how things have progressed in the 10 years since the Marmot Review was published, highlighting the health inequalities across the UK, and the health gap between the rich and poor.

By GreaterSport

The FrameWorks Institute suggests how to communicate about physical activity - reframing away from physical activity being viewed as strenuous exercise, in which individuals have sole responsibility whether to participate or not.

By GreaterSport

The Marmot Review, published in 2010, has fundamentally shifted discourse on health inequalities in the UK and internationally. It has shaped our approach to health inequalities within Greater Manchester and across the UK.