Youth Voice is a key principle for us as we design and deliver movement, physical activity, and sport opportunities for young people across Greater Manchester. We need to make sure young people want and enjoy the activities in their community.

Empowering young people to speak for themselves, to use their voice and take leadership can help to increase participation in and enjoyment of the session and develop leadership skills.

Young people can disengage for a number of reasons, they might not see movement, physical activity, and sport as something they enjoy or they are on a different path.

By co-designing with young people, we hope to keep them engaged in physical activity for longer, helping to develop a positive lifelong relationships with movement, physical activity and/or sport.

To achieve this we are aiming to transform the way we work.

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The business-to-business model we have used for a number of years has shown us that there are key demographics missing from engagement and participation.

Our ethos is to work collaboratively with the right people, in the right places to encourage young people to take part in their area. By advocating for young people in hierarchy, policy and collaboration, young people will be at the centre of the resulting provision.

Collaboration with existing organisations and groups who have experience and relationships with young people in their communities will be key.

By developing and growing these relationships, we will encourage the participation of formally disengaged communities and will create a holistic wraparound service for young people, with young people.

We will work together through a grassroots, ground-up style approach to create an environment for moving more.

Our Work

Youth Justice Fund

The Youth Justice Fund worked to engage with young people (aged 10 to 17) who were vulnerable to getting involved in criminal activities, displaying anti-social behaviour, and engaging in violence by engaging them in community physical activity and sport.

We worked to develop the skills and competence of sports-focused organisations to collaborate meaningfully with their neighbouring criminal justice partners, such as Youth Justice Services, Police, and Violent Reduction Units (VRU).

Provision was targeted at at-risk youth with identified behavioural concerns, and aimed to complement existing work to address complex needs in a timely manner. We took a 'sport-plus' approach, integrating sports with skill-building, mentoring, and volunteering.

We used physical activity and sport to enhance positive outcomes for young people in the context of serious youth violence.


  • Motivated and inspired young people onto a positive pathway
  • Impact on the safety and well-being of children and wider communities
  • Informed local youth justice strategy and programme delivery
  • Helped children to navigate away from exploitation and violence
  • Ability to demonstrate ‘what works’
  • Told the story in terms recognised by Youth Justice Services
  • Built the case for more strategic and operational influence in youth justice policy and practice
  • Created opportunities to forge strong partner relationship with local youth justice team

Read our stories from the work:

Supporting resources and organisations

Collaborating with young people, to develop interventions that work for them can feel daunting. We’ve created a some supporting resources to help you hold conversations with young people about physical activity.

Further support

Tips for co-producing with young people

We’ve created some top tips to support you to start co-producing sessions with young people, for young people in local communities.

Download the top tips here

Youth voice groups

Now more than ever GM Moving, working with youth voice groups (creative, cultural, activism and statutory services), want to encourage the participation of formally disengaged young people into sport and physical activity.

To aid with this, we have created session plans to promote conversations around GM Moving; to explore physical activity in your local area, and feedback where there are gaps and deficits.

Together, we can encourage young people to take their first step to becoming more active, overcoming fear and feeling accomplished.

We want communication to be both ways. Please get in touch with areas that need improvement and what barriers are present, so that we can overcome them together.

Download the session plans here

Voice, Opportunity, Power Toolkit

Practical guidance for professionals and sport providers on how to involve young people (11-18) in the way that places are built and managed.

Find out more here

Providing positive experiences for young people

This fact sheet from Sport England provides ideas for physical activity providers.

Download it here