On Monday 19th July, the country moved to step four of the government's roadmap out of lockdown. This next step saw most legal restrictions lifted, with some key protections in place and government advice to help keep ourselves and others safe. Read the government guidance on how to stay safe and help prevent the spread from 19 July.

Click here to view what activity is permitted from 19th July 2021.

People with Long Term Health Conditions or disabilities

We've created a video to enable everyone, no matter their ability or health condition to be able to move more at home. With standing, supported, seated and assisted exercises, as well as subtitles and British Sign Language, there is something for everyone.

We Are Undefeatable

This Sport England campaign aims to help those who have long term health conditions to become active. They have a number of tips and ways to help you move more within your home. Take a look at them here.

Wheely Good Fitness

Join instructor Kris from Wheely Good Fitness for a number of workouts you can do in your wheelchair. Watch the videos here.

Simple exercises for MS

A range of exercises for people with multiple sclerosis. These workouts are designed for different levels of mobility. Access the workouts here.

Adaptive Yoga

Wheelpower have launched a series of Adaptive Yoga videos to encourage wheelchair users to exercise from the comfort of their homes. Watch here.

NHS pilates workout

The NHS has produced a pilates-inspired 30-minute workout suitable for people with several conditions including multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Watch the video here.

British Blind Sport

British Blind Sport have created a free online library of accessible workouts and resources to support people with visual impairments stay active at home. Access the audio exercise programmes here.


Limbpower have created private Facebook groups to support the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of amputees and individuals with limb difference. Join the LimbPower: Stay in Stay Active group here, and the LimbPower Juniors: Stay In Stay Active group here for juniors and their families.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has some top tips on how to incorporate regular activity into your life for those with a range of health conditions. Read the tips here.

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK have put together some advice to support you in keeping active, well and managing diabetes while at home, whether you're self-isolating or know someone who is. Read the support here.

Adapt to Perform

A range of workouts from personal trainer and wheelchair user Ben Clark. Includes a 30-day wheelchair fitness challenge. Try the workouts here.

The Virtual Challenge Series

CP Sport are working in partnership with LimbPower to run activities for people with Cerebral Palsy, associated impairments, amputees, individuals with limb impairments and their families. The Virtual Challenge series is an event that will take place between 15th August and 15th January. During that time, there are 3 themed challenges, for participants to complete in their own time. Find out more here.

Parasport home workouts

Qualified fitness instructor Kris Saunders-Stowe brings you this short, easy to follow guide to stretching and improving your mobility. This is ideal for people who haven't taken part in sport or activity for a while.


Seated workouts

Ben from Empower You has created a full body seated workout which is ideal for people who use wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Watch the video below and follow along.

Pregnant people

The NHS has specific guidance for exercising whilst pregnant which can be found online here.

Prenatal and postnatal yoga video

This 45-minute video designed for beginners is shared by the NHS and will help you to tone, stretch and relax. Watch the video and follow along here.

Start for life

Start for life, from the NHS, have pulled together a number of ways that you can keep moving whilst you're pregnant. Take a look at them here.

This Mum Moves

This resource has a number of ways that you can keep moving safely during your pregnancy. Please note, not all of these activities are recommended during this time of social distancing. View the support here.

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