The activities on this page are specifically for older adults who aren't currently active or who are less physically able to do higher intensity activity. If you are already active, you may find some of these activities more suitable for your ability level. 

Two-thirds of people aged over 75 and three out of ten aged 65 to 74 don’t use the internet. So we've created a leaflet which you can download and print out to support older adults who are self-isolating to help them keep moving. Download the leaflet here.

We've created a video to enable everyone, no matter their ability or any health condition to be able to move more at home. With standing, supported, seated and assisted exercises, as well as subtitles and British Sign Language, there is something for everyone.

Keeping Well at Home

A guide to help you stay healthy at home during the Covid-19 pandemic was published by academics at The University of Manchester. The printed booklet is specifically designed for older people, many of whom have no access to the internet. Download the leaflet here.

10 Today

Short ten minute video routines to get you stretching and moving that can be followed along. Find out more and access the resources here.

Super Six - Exercises to improve your strength and balance

Six simple exercises that can help you stay steady and stronger for longer that can be done at home. You can view also view a series of home exercises to help you stay strong and steady: Take a look here and press play all.

Qigong (Chinese yoga) videos

Available through The Confucius Institute at University of Manchester - there are only eight moves, so is very accessible, especially for some older adults with cognitive diversity. Find the videos here.

Love To Move

The British Gymnastics Foundation's programme is designed to get older people moving and functioning better, with these fun chair workouts suitable for people living with dementia. Access the online sessions here.

Versus Arthritis 

Versus Arthritis have created ten new stretching ‘follow along’ videos specifically to help people with arthritis to maintain flexibility and to help relieve stiffness.

The fifteen minutes ‘follow along’ format means that the videos can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. All of the exercises are designed to be done at home with some of the fun movements making use of everyday household objects. Find the videos here.

Online ballet exercise classes

Silver Swans run free online ballet exercise classes, designed to get the older generation moving to the music at home. These tutorials will help improve mobility, posture, co-ordination and boost energy levels, online every Wednesday at 1pm. Access the dance classes here.

Keep On Keep Up

This app, developed at The University of Manchester, will help you take control of your health and reduce the high risk of falls during and after Covid-19. Download it from the app store here.

‘I CAN’ Active Calendar 2020

Later Life Training have made their new 'habit forming, movement prompting, motivation thought provoking, strength and balance monitoring' 2020 calendar free to download. Please visit their website here.

Make Movement Your Mission

This is to encourage everyone to move more/ more frequently throughout the day for muscles mind and wellbeing.​ See Later Life Training’s YouTube channel here for a number of videos.

Shapemaster home exercise videos

These videos aim to support people with long term health conditions throughout the pandemic. Physiotherapist Rachel Young talks through exercises that can be performed whilst on the sofa or on the floor. Watch the Shapemaster home based exercise films here.

Sitting Exercises

These exercises done whilst sitting, are a great place to start to build strength and balance. See the exercises here.

Flexibility Exercises

These flexibility exercises can be done at home to help improve your mobility. See the exercises here.

Balance exercises

These simple balance exercises can be done at home to help make you feel more steady in walking and moving. See the exercises here.

Strength exercises

Strength exercises like these can be done at home to improve your lower limb strength. See the exercises here.

Movement for those with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

You can watch and follow the online videos offered by the Royal Osteoporosis Society – See the exercises here.

Over Fifty Fitness

Rosemary retrained as a personal trainer at the age of 60 and runs physical activity sessions for older adults across Manchester. She is now running Facebook Live activity sessions specifically for older adults, to keep you moving in your home. She runs a strength class on Mondays at 11am and a functional fitness class on Wednesdays at 11am. Join her on YouTube here.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)

The CSP have created a simple set of exercises designed especially for you to help everyone stay active at home. View the exercises online here.

Support for those with dementia

The coronavirus outbreak has placed a strain on everyone, but especially those of us living with dementia. If you, or a friend or family member, are currently live with dementia, this leaflet has some simple tips specially created to help make things more manageable. Download the leaflet here. There are also numerous ways to keep moving, there is some guidance from the Alzheimer's Society available here.