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Permanent and Virtual (GPS/Smartphone) Orienteering Courses

By Go Orienteering | 15 November 2021

Permanent Orienteering and Virtual (GPS) Orienteering Courses are located across Manchester and provide an excellent opportunity to experience Orienteering at a time that suits you.

New maps launched in Brinnington to help residents move more in their local area

By Life Leisure | 08 November 2021

Life Leisure have partnered with local residents of Brinnington to come up with new and innovative ways to get people moving as part of the Local Pilot.

GM Walking City Region ambition progress and learning so far

By Beth Sutcliffe | 10 September 2021

An update in the progress toward the GM Walking City Region ambition

#ActiveSoles and #ActiveSouls – A new cultural norm is born

By GreaterSport | 03 September 2021

#ActiveSoles - The Active Soles movement has shown that the small things are sometimes the big things, and changing the way we think, changes the way we feel and behave.

Alternative ways of encouraging increasing physical activity in Schools

By GreaterSport | 01 September 2021

Greenside Primary wanted to ensure that their children and families were active throughout the lockdown and explored different ways to engage their cohort.

The Greater Manchester walking ambition

By GM Walking | 27 August 2021

Greater Manchester Walking team provide an update on their work towards the GM walking ambition.