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By GM Moving | 10 January 2022 | TAGS: Greater Manchester, Keep moving, GM Moving, Physical Activity

Winter and colder weather often leads to a decline in the number of people being physically active outside. Shorter days with more darkness around non-working hours can mean people feel less safe exercising outside, especially on their own.

Research has also found the cold weather has an impact, estimating that inclement weather has the potential to reduce physical activity by up to as much as 20%. This might be down to a number of reasons, including not wanting to get wet or cold. This is especially pertinent if people don’t feel they have the right ‘gear’ to keep them warm whilst exercising.

However, we know that the positive impact of exercise on people, especially throughout the winter months can be really important. At a time where mental health also tends to be impacted, physical activity can help people to boost their mental health as well as keeping physically healthy.

Therefore, it is important for those across Greater Manchester who may have been more active throughout the summer and autumn months to recognise there are safe and easy ways to stay active in winter, alongside the benefits they’ll feel from doing so.

To inspire people to continue to keep moving during the winter months GM Moving has created three short videos for distribution on digital channels. The target audience for this campaign is those across Greater Manchester who may already be somewhat active, but need to be encouraged to keep up those outdoor active behaviours throughout winter.

These 10-15 second videos aim to show various weather conditions and where appropriate, safety elements to help demonstrate how to be active outside safely.

Each video is accompanied by supporting on-screen messaging to encourage people to keep moving ‘Whatever the weather’. Watch one of the videos below:

The videos will also appear on Facebook and Instagram during January and February 2022 so keep an eye out!

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