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By GreaterSport | 01 September 2021 | TAGS: GM Moving, GreaterSport

Through the engagement process for the refreshed GM Moving strategy, there was an opportunity to look at the communication channels for GM Moving. The channels provide a space for GM Moving partners to share the work we are all doing together to contribute to the GM Moving mission.

To enable GM Moving to become the prominent brand and message, we have decided to shift the GreaterSport organisational channels and create the space to support the GM Moving message even more. On 13th September, to align with the launch of our new collective strategy, “GM Moving in Action” and the GM Moving in Action Conference we will be making the following changes;


The prominent website that we use, promote and direct people to will be branded GM Moving. It will become a living, growing digital space that houses GM Moving in Action; the core strategy, videos, films, stories, evidence, tools and resources for us all to use and build together.

It will provide a space for information on what the whole system is contributing towards GM Moving.

There will still be a section designated to GreaterSport organisational information that will be accessed using

The current GM Moving microsite will be taken down and the address will take you to the new main site.

Partners contributing towards GM Moving will have the opportunity to create news articles on the site to showcase case studies, success stories, shared learning etc and they will be able to continue to add jobs to the job page.

Social Media

GM Moving and GreaterSport will both continue to have a social media presence and both will predominantly be using twitter.

GreaterSport will be our organisation’s voice and what we are doing in contribution to GM Moving. The GM Moving account will be sharing news of a wide range of work that contributes to the GM Moving ambition, from all sectors across the system.

We will also continue to use @GMWalks and @keepmovingGM, strategically using these four different voices to help reach the least active across Greater Manchester.

If there is anything you would like to share from the GM Moving account please use #GMMovingInAction on your own tweet and it will be seen.


GreaterSport’s monthly general newsletter will rebrand to GM Moving to allow consistency with the brands. The content will cover news in all areas of the new GM Moving in Action Strategy, with sector updates as well as case studies. The content will be taken from key news articles on the GM Moving site.

You can sign up to the newsletter here.


The GM Moving channels are powered by the GreaterSport marketing team so if you do have any questions please contact [email protected].

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