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By GreaterSport | 08 April 2021 | TAGS: Inclusion, Inequalities, Communication, GM Moving

GreaterSport and other GM Moving partners have created a document together (available to download below), to provide guidance and set out principles for the use of inclusive language.

As we strive to engage and work with diverse audiences, it is increasingly important that our language and imagery reflects our commitment to reducing inequalities and making moving more something for everyone.

The language we use can be extremely powerful in helping people see themselves in the work, and feel they are welcomed, valued and included in the GM Moving ambition. Through our words we can consciously or unconsciously exclude, undermine, offend or reinforce negative stereotypes which in itself can contribute to the widening of inequalities.

This document is a living document; we know preferences around language, along with meaning and connotations, will change over time and we will adapt this document accordingly. Whilst specific language and terminology may change, the inclusive language principles can be used to demonstrate our understanding and respect towards everybody. We are sharing this to explicitly state our intentions to use inclusive language, and invite you to join us.

Thanks to partners who have helped to inform and shape this so far.

Finally we acknowledge that we won’t always get this right, we are learning together, and our aim in sharing this commitment, is to help others be part of the journey and share learning along the way. We welcome any thoughts, suggestions, comments or questions to help support and develop this work.

If you have any suggestions, please email [email protected] – many thanks.


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