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By GM Moving & Macc/10GM | 25 September 2023 | TAGS: Systems Leadership

GM Moving and Macc/10GM invite anyone who feels like moving matters to them or their work to a collaborative learning event on Monday 16 October in central Manchester.

The partners have been exploring how to support a transformation in the knowledge, skills and opportunities of people (paid and voluntary) in Greater Manchester to work and lead across sectors and within communities. All with a shared purpose of changing lives through movement and physical activity.

Macc, on behalf of 10GM, were appointed to lead the next phase of the GM Moving in Action systems leadership approach earlier in the summer.

The event will see discussions on what we have done so far, what we have learnt, and codesign what needs to happen next to embed new ways of working.

There will be insightful discussions on the principles and significance of effective leadership, collaboration and how you work across sectors and outside of the usual organisational boundaries to create change.

Join us for this upcoming event where you will have the valuable opportunity to listen to and engage with individuals who are already involved in working and leading in different ways across Greater Manchester.

This event will provide a platform for you to connect with people interested in different approaches to leadership and like-minded individuals who have an interest in collaborative leadership and collectively addressing common, complex challenges. 

By attending, you will gain exclusive access to valuable insights on upcoming online workshops, in-person locality conversations, and have the chance to contribute to the co-design of future sessions that will focus on leadership across systems within Greater Manchester.

Don't miss out on this chance to expand your knowledge and build relationships with people from different organisations and sectors who are working to build movement back into daily life.

Register here

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