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By Activity Alliance | 07 September 2022 | TAGS: Inclusion, Inequalities, Research and learning

Activity Alliance have recently released a series of leisure factsheets that cover a range of top topics from developing inclusive strategies to workforce development and measuring impact. They support leaders in the leisure sector to strengthen their inclusion work and engage more disabled people. 

Their recent Annual Disability and Activity Survey showed that less than 3 in 10 disabled people feel encouraged to return to physical activity after the pandemic. This is despite 8 in 10 wanting to be more active.

These ten leisure factsheets provide clear and simple guidance, useful resources, and top tips on how the leisure workforce can embed better inclusive practices within facilities and programmes. This includes leisure centre and gym managers, facility management teams, marketing specialists, and many others.


The 10 Leisure factsheets are;

1. Strategy 

2. Leadership

3. Workforce development

4. Accessible venues

5. Policies and procedures

6. Equipment

7. Insight and marketing

8. Partnerships and engagement

9. Programming and participation

10. Impact and outcomes


All factsheets can be found and downloaded on the Activity Alliance website.

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