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By GM Moving | 29 June 2023 | TAGS: System Leadership

We are pleased to announce that Macc, on behalf of 10GM, have been appointed to lead the next phase of the GM Moving systems leadership approach.

The work will support and enable a transformation in the knowledge, skills, and opportunities of people (paid and voluntary) in Greater Manchester to work and lead across sectors and within communities around the shared purpose of changing lives through movement, physical activity, and sport.

It remains a key GM Moving in Action ambition to realise the power and potential of a movement of people that is reflective of the population, to inspire, engage, and support people to live more active lives.

This can only be achieved by working collaboratively across sectors to build and foster relationships with and between people, communities, and system partners.

We expect that this approach will:

  • Identify and engage the people that have the ability to inspire, support and motive others to move more and enable them to connect and collaborate effectively.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to understand the role of leadership in a collaborative environment where there is the recognition that building movement back into daily life is complex and requires a whole-system approach.
  • Create opportunities for people to put what they have learned into practice.
  • Connect with existing workforce and leadership development initiatives across Greater Manchester so this adds value and doesn’t duplicate existing efforts.

10GM is a joint venture between voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector local infrastructure organisations across Greater Manchester. Macc will lead the work on behalf of the partnership.

Macc is the local infrastructure organisation (LIO) for Manchester, supporting the local VCSE sector, including the community work of faith organisations. As an LIO, Macc supports the city’s new and established VCSE organisations and local people wanting to get involved in volunteering.

Macc also works to develop the VCSE sector’s role as an influential voice in the city through conversation, relationships, and representation. All of their work is informed by community development approaches and a commitment to co-design.

Key to Macc’s approach is fostering collaboration and partnerships across public, private, and VCSE sectors and they have, over the years, developed specific expertise around system leadership and creating new ways of working together.

The programme itself will be delivered through wider collaboration: Macc and 10GM will be working alongside key delivery partners (Leadership Centre, Magma Effect, Aqua, Do Well, Collaborate out Loud and Curators of Change) while using their networks and relationships to bring new people into our Systems Leadership conversation.

Claire Tomkinson, Strategic Lead for People and Leadership, GM Moving, said:

“Since April 2022, we’ve had real success with our Systems Leadership work, engaging nearly 200 people from close to 100 organisations to develop their knowledge and understanding.

“I’m really excited by the opportunity we now have to further grow and expand this work which, following a competitive tender process, will be supported by the excellent 10GM and Macc.

“Together, we can give more people the tools to work collaboratively across sectors and build and foster positive relationships which will accelerate our efforts to achieve active lives for all.”

Millie Brown, Collaboration Manager at Macc, said:

“A commitment to tackling inequalities is at the heart of Macc’s work as an organisation and we are excited to work with leaders at all levels through real, diverse collaboration.

“Our view is that leadership should reflect the diverse range of voices in our changing communities - where leadership is not defined by hierarchy or decision-making authority but in bringing together insights and experiences to improve collective knowledge and make change happen.

Mike Wild, Chief Executive of Macc and one of the Directors of 10GM said:

"In recent years, we have been part of a growing movement in Greater Manchester about system leadership approaches - looking at not only how we work together but how we get better at working together.

"I believe that in terms of creating long-term change, genuine collaboration is the best tool we have. Our approach to this work is itself a collaborative one: it’s always important to put values into action. I’m extremely pleased that we have this opportunity to build this further over the next couple of years.”

GM Moving, Macc, and 10GM will be talking to partners about how our systems leadership approach can evolve to meet the changing needs of our GM workforce over the next few months.

For more information, contact Claire Tomkinson, Strategic Lead for People and Leadership at GM Moving.

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