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By GM Moving | 01 April 2024 | TAGS: active adults, Active Workplaces

Embrace movement for workplace wellbeing

As spring arrives, it is the perfect time to prioritise physical activity and all the mental and physical health benefits that come with it. The lighter mornings and longer evenings make it easier and more enjoyable to step outside and enjoy moving more, whether that’s walking, wheeling or cycling to work, or simply stepping of the tram or bus a stop earlier.

Spring is a welcome shift away from the shorter, darker days of winter, with the longer daylight hours and milder temperatures making it an ideal season to embrace movement. Engaging in exercise during this time can significantly uplift mood, alleviate stress, and boost overall wellbeing. With stress, anxiety, and depression being prevalent concerns during the darker months, prioritizing physical activity in spring can serve as a powerful antidote.


Foster a culture of activity for wellness

Employers play a crucial role in promoting employee wellbeing, and Spring offers a prime opportunity to reinvigorate workplace initiatives. The refreshed GM Workplace toolkit provides innovative strategies for employers to encourage activity throughout the workday, making us of the increased daylight hours to inspire movement.

By prioritising employee health and fitness, workplaces can create positive environments that enhance engagement and productivity. Encouraging physical activity during the spring not only combats winter inactivity but also addresses mental health concerns, fostering a culture that values movement for a vibrant and resilient workforce. Embracing exercise during spring not only reenergizes individuals but also cultivates a healthier and more dynamic workplace ecosystem.


How can we all move more during the working day? 

  • Fake commute: For those staff working from home, begin and end your day with a brisk walk, wheel or cycle, simulating a morning commute.
  • Stairs instead of the lift: Opt for the stairs whenever possible.
  • Buddy up with colleagues: Team up with colleagues for lunchtime strolls or challenges.
  • Walking or wheeling meetings: Conduct meetings on the move to stimulate both creativity and physical activity.

How can an Employer support staff to keep moving during the working day? 

  • Comfortable footwear: Encourage and permit employees to wear comfortable footwear (#ActiveSoles). 
  • Breaks and meetings: Allocate 10 minutes at the end of meetings for some activity e.g. a quick walk or wheel, use of resistance bands, or just a few stretches away from your desk and promote lunchtime breaks with no meetings and staff can be active.
  • Walking meetings: Model active behaviours by conducting walking meetings.Already mentioned walking meetings
  • Cycling initiatives: Invest in cycle racks, pay business mileage for cycling.
  • Involve the team: seek input from the team on movement preferences and what would help them.

There is much more information, including how to get started and which organisations can support you on The Active Workplace toolkit.

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