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By Greater Manchester Moving & Active Partnerships | 13 November 2023 | TAGS:

Greater Manchester Moving are seeking a Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) partner to work with Sport England, the Football Foundation, and Active Partnerships network to help enhance and fulfil the multi-sport facilities commitment*.

You will be valued within the network of partners working on the multi-sport commitment as the support organisation; who can help shape, share, and draw together expertise, learnings, innovation, ideas, experiences and impact which progresses thinking and practice in this area.

You will work closely to support the eight Regional Network Managers who are seconded from the Active Partnership network to help to make sense of their reflections and learning within their relative area.

This will add valuable additional capacity to allow us to develop this work and link local knowledge to support national thinking.


  • Support the development of expertise, learning, ideas, resources, and tools within the programme area which enables the achievement of the organisation’s strategic aims and responds to the needs of the Active Partnership network.
  • Analyse, disseminate, and share insight, trends, opportunities and challenges which can have meaningful impact and progress nationwide thinking and practice.
  • Give one-to-one support to each of the eight regional network lead members, offering advice and guidance where required for the programme in terms of MEL.

What’s needed?

  • Work with each member of the regional Active Partnership multi-sport network team to monitor their regional reflection logs and understand the learning and themes from within the work.
  • Collective sensemaking as a regional team together to share and deepen examples of the work (three times a year).
  • Deep dives through interviews or focus groups as additional data capture capacity beyond reflections of regional leads.
  • Produce regular overview of the learning and develop resources/tools, that can be effectively used nationally with lead partners and shared across the network.

Budget and timescale of work

The envelope of available budget is up to £45,000 inclusive of VAT. This piece of work will commence as soon as possible and run to the end of March 2024.

Deadline for submissions is Thursday 30 November.

For full details, see the brief below. For further details or information or any questions please contact Beth Sutcliffe.

*The focus of this work from Sport England’s Uniting the Movement Strategy is around the ‘Targeted investment into community football, tennis, and multi-sport facilities’ commitment, work commenced in 2022.

The ambition of this work is to ensure that targeted investment into football and multi-sport facilities is having an impact on those communities that need it most.


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