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By GM Moving | 07 March 2024 | TAGS: Tackling Inequalities Fund, Networking, people and leadership

Through Sport England’s Together Fund investment across Greater Manchester, the communities hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic were able to continue to engage with their communities and support people from key target audiences to be physically active. The Fund has fostered new connections, utilised local knowledge and insight, and empowered communities, supported by our GM Moving Equalities Panel to ensure funding reached those who need it most. Moving forwards, building resilience and capacity to adapt in an ever-changing environment and enable sustainable opportunities is vitally important, and this was noted during our Together Fund Community Celebration event in July 2023.

Building on insight from this event, and recognising the vital role that community groups and organisations across Greater Manchester play in enabling active lives for all, this new network aims to:  

  • Provide opportunities for groups who received Together Fund investment, as well as other community groups and organisations who contribute to active lives with a focus on tackling inequalities, to come together and share learning and ideas, pool resources and provide peer support 
  • Increase the visibility of the work groups and organisations are doing to tackle inequalities through physical activity, sport and movement, understanding current challenges and amplifying positive outcomes and achievements  
  • Build capacity and develop key skills which will support groups to access future funding opportunities  
  • Connect groups and organisations with wider support offers which can help enable more sustainable sport and physical activity opportunities 

The first network meeting will take place on the morning of Monday 22nd April, with an invitation to stay for lunch and conversation.  You can sign up for the meeting here. During our first network meeting of the year, we will explore the aims for the network in more depth, create space for groups to discuss what successes and challenges they are currently seeing, and hear from experts around how to communicate and present with confidence in relation to their work.

People and Leadership Lead Holly Grimes said around the network launch: “Community groups are so vital to the GM Moving movement for movement, supporting and enabling people from all walks of life to be more active and tackling inequalities. From our Together Fund community learning event last July, there was a clear appetite from groups to have more opportunities to connect, share and learn from each other, so we’re hugely excited to launch this network which we hope will provide the space to do so. The network is an open space for any club, group, organisation that want to develop their offer, network with others, share successes and challenges and become increasingly resilient to the challenges we’re facing in the sector. We’re excited to continue working alongside our GM Equalities Panel to ensure this network meets the needs of communities across the city region and supports partners to continue doing what they do best.”

Further network meetings are scheduled to take place on the following dates:  

Monday 8th July 2024 

Monday 7th October 2024 

Monday 24th Feb 2025 

All network meetings will take place at St. Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green, Manchester, M12 6FX.  

Should you have any questions about the Tackling Inequalities network, or would like to register your interest for future events you can contact either [email protected] or [email protected].


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