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By Greater Manchester Moving | 08 August 2023 | TAGS: GM Moving

GreaterSport will be known as Greater Manchester Moving from September 1.

We believe this will put us in the best possible place to lead, connect, and support partners across Greater Manchester.

With an ever-growing group of partners supporting the delivery of the GM Moving in Action strategy, our organisational role to lead, connect and support has grown significantly.

We have proudly played this role for many years and will continue to support partners and organisations across Greater Manchester to create the conditions for active lives for all.

Why is GreaterSport becoming Greater Manchester Moving?

This updated name better reflects our long-term ambitions for Greater Manchester and will enhance our efforts to deliver the shared GM Moving in Action strategy with partners.

It simplifies, creates alignment, and reduces confusion in a system busy with names and brands.

It demonstrates our belief that everyone can move more in a way that works for them, sport provides just one of many different opportunities to do this.

We are also proud to be a charity that focuses on Greater Manchester. We want what is best for the city region and the people who live and work here.

The move is supported by the GreaterSport Board, the GM Moving Exec and the Mayor’s Office at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Who is Greater Manchester Moving?

Greater Manchester Moving is a charity changing lives through movement, physical activity, and sport. We lead, support, and connect people and partners to deliver the GM Moving in Action strategy together. We are one of 43 Active Partnerships across the country supporting the local implementation of Sport England's strategy.

Does GreaterSport still exist?

GreaterSport as a trading name for the Greater Manchester Sports Partnership (the registered charity name of the Active Partnership for Greater Manchester) no longer exists.

From September 1, Greater Manchester Moving is the new trading name for the Greater Manchester Sports Partnership.

Who runs/owns Greater Manchester Moving?

GM Moving, as a charity, has an executive team with a CEO (Hayley Lever) who reports to the Board. The Chair of the Board is Mike Perls. We support everyone to play a role in the shared GM Moving in Action strategy.

What's the difference between GreaterSport and Greater Manchester Moving?

GreaterSport was the trading name for the Greater Manchester Sports Partnership, it is no longer used.

The new trading name is Greater Manchester Moving and we’re a charity which co-delivers the shared GM Moving in Action strategy with partners to enable active lives for all.

So, going forwards, what is Greater Manchester Moving’s purpose?

As a charity, Greater Manchester Moving’s purpose is to change lives through movement, physical activity, and sport.

What is Greater Manchester Moving’s mission?

Our charitable mission is to lead, support and connect a Greater Manchester system that creates the conditions to enable active lives for all.

Is Greater Manchester Moving a movement?

Greater Manchester Moving is also a movement; led, supported, and connected by the Active Partnership of the same name, alongside thousands of organisations across the city-region. The movement shapes and powers the shared GM Moving in Action strategy.

What is Greater Manchester Moving in Action?

Greater Manchester Moving in Action is the physical activity strategy for Greater Manchester. It aims to ensure activity is a natural part of how we all live, travel, work and play in Greater Manchester, making it easier for everyone to be active. We all contribute to GM Moving in Action.

What will happen to the GM Moving Exec Group?

The future name of the system-wide steering group, currently known as the GM Moving Exec Group, will be confirmed in the coming months as part of the governance review alongside the memorandum of understanding (MOU) refresh with Sport England.

This group will continue to provide strategic direction and leadership across the whole of the GM Moving in Action strategy and guides partners and contributors across GM.

The current membership of this group, which will be reviewed as part of the MOU refresh process, is GMCA, GMICP, Sport England, TfGM, 10GM, GM Active, and GM Moving (the Active Partnership).

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected]

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