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By British Orienteering | 08 July 2021 | TAGS: National Governing Bodies

British Orienteering is excited to be celebrating Go Orienteering this summer and invites YOU to get involved too!

The new Go Orienteering web portal is for absolutely everyone to get involved and enjoy planning their outdoor adventures this summer with family and with friends.

It is the go to website for finding Permanent Orienteering Courses, Virtual (GPS) Orienteering Courses, and to find out about other orienteering opportunities such as club events and activities to enjoy throughout the summer.

Whether it's a walk with the family, exploring an area whilst on holiday, competing against others as quick as you can or simply just adding variety to a training run, Orienteering could be just the challenge you are looking for.

Your mission is to reach checkpoints or 'controls' marked on a special orienteering map, and the skill and fun comes from trying to find the best route to take. There are courses ideal for beginners as well as for the more experienced. Go in your time, Go at your pace, Go discover a whole new world of adventure in parks, green spaces and urban areas across the UK and Go Orienteering!

There are over 500 Permanent and Virtual Orienteering Courses across the UK in stunning locations - forests, cities, parks, and woodlands. The best thing about Permanent and Virtual (GPS) Orienteering Courses is that you can enjoy them at a time and at a pace that suits you. You don’t have to be an orienteer, or a member of British Orienteering or even a member of any orienteering club to get involved and have fun orienteering this summer.

A Permanent Orienteering Course is a set of plaques often wooden posts or other features (typically 20-30 of them), spread around a park, together with a map showing where they all are. Your challenge is to discover these checkpoints, in forests, heathlands, parks and green spaces across the UK.

A Virtual Orienteering Course is a set of checkpoints spread around a park or town, created for you to complete and capture with your smartphone or GPS watch. Together with a map showing where they all are, with the right App your smartphone can magically become a brilliant orienteering device and be a map, a compass and a timer all in one.

Over recent months Orienteering clubs across the country have put together some amazing courses and trails to provide you with outdoor adventures to do as a family or with friends. They are suitable for all ages and abilities – there is something for everyone!

You just put in the postcode or area you want to visit and start planning your summer adventures.

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