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By GreaterSport | 06 September 2021 | TAGS: Local Pilot, Stockport, Place based partnerships, Stories

Brinnington is a residential estate adjacent to the M60, adjoining Reddish Vale Country Park, providing residents with access to walks and open countryside. This natural community asset is underused by Brinnington residents.

However, discussions at the Brinnington Forum highlighted that the signage does not support physical activity in Brinnington, so it was decided that a community map might help. Members of the Forum noted that residents may not be aware of the community assets which are right on their doorstep if they do not pass them on their route to the local shop or school.

Brinnington Forum worked with TfGM to create a sustainable journeys application for the mapping and signage work to link Brinnington with the Town Centre and surrounding amenities, including the Vale. TfGM ‘pitched’ their ideas and prototype maps to the Forum group and, following many discussions, an illustrator is currently working on the final version ahead of sharing it across Brinnington.

The community were engaged throughout the process and this is integral to achieving behaviour change. In addition, it is important to have systems in place to maintain transparent and open communication between everyone involved in a place-based project to ensure a mutually accepted outcome.

TfGM benefited from being able to engage with local people through the forum, and were able to reflect on the feedback and change their approach. This approach could transfer to other areas.

An evaluation piece will take place to measure the influence of the maps on people’s engagement and the use of active travel / walking and biking for leisure in and around Brinnington.

Update: On 3rd November 2021 two more maps were released and large versions of all three maps are now displayed on the side of First House in Brinnington and are available to download. 

Map 1 - Brinnington Landmarks

Map 2 - Historical Landmarks 

Map 3 - Walking Routes/Physical Activity Options

Each map highlights local landmarks and surrounding green spaces to help guide residents and visitors on what they can see/do in the community. 

For more information on the Brinnington maps visit their website here.

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