The Greater Manchester Moving Business Plan 2023-25

The Greater Manchester Moving (previously GreaterSport) Business Plan provides an overview of our organisational priorities over the next two years (2023/24 and 2024/25). 

It sets out our vision and purpose, our values and the way we work, who we are and what we do.

It also describes how we support people and partners across the system and outlines our value and contribution to Greater Manchester Moving in Action.

Read our 2023-25 Business Plan

Our previous business plan (2021-23) is available here.

Our contribution to delivering GM Moving In Action commitment

GM Moving in Action is the shared strategy for physical activity across Greater Manchester. It sets out our collective ambitions, commitments and priorities for the next ten years.

To help guide our efforts, we describe the contribution and the activities our team will undertake, to ensure that we play our unique role in leading and supporting GM Moving in Action, through Priority Plans (available for download below).

A clear set of priorities, with scrutiny and support from our Board and other colleagues, are broken down into the following work areas: