Job role: Provide strategic leadership and expertise to support, spread and grow good design of the built environment in Greater Manchester.

With a focus on embedding active design principles, as a key and critical component of equitable, sustainable and quality design, planning and development.

Date joined: October 2022

Professional background: Kelly-Marie is a dedicated and experienced architect who embraces collaborative working to find creative and robust solutions.

Her architectural background and passion is to create people focused places that enrich communities through healthy and active place-making. 

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Healthy Active Place Principles: Everyday Moving

By Kelly-Marie Rodgers, Strategic Lead - Healthy, Active Places | 28 March 2023

Creating the conditions for a cultural shift to make moving a part of every day for all.

Healthy, active places holds first community of practice

By Kelly-Marie Rodgers - Strategic Lead – Healthy Active Places | 15 February 2023

January saw our first meeting as a growing community of practice for those that work in Greater Manchester’s places and spaces within GM Moving.