Job role:

My role is to work across the Greater Manchester City region to strengthening and championing the benefits of physical activity in reducing inequalities and contributing to health, wealth and wellbeing. It’s my responsibility to apply whole system thinking and influence, build and foster cross sector partnerships and connect our work to wider research, evaluation and learning methodologies, with the overall ambition to:-

  • Embed evidence and evaluation across the organisation and influence the team’s way of thinking and work within the system.
  • Enable the system to use evidence, data and insight to influence the development of policy and practice to support active lives.
  • Use learning from existing high-quality evaluations and work with our partners to co-create and embed meaningful evaluation internally and across the sector.
  • Embed and advocate a systematic approach to learning, in order to be insight-led, and to understand and capture the value of our work.

Date joined: May 2014

Professional background: Having graduated with a BSc degree in Psychology in 2010 from the University of Manchester, I pursued a career in water polo for a number of years, before following my passion to change lives together through sport and physical activity. With my psychology background, I have always been passionate about the importance of data, insight and evaluation to understand what works, then how to use the learning to adapt, which led to the development of the evidence and evaluation team within Greater Manchester Moving in 2016.

Fun fact: I can speak over 5 words of Hungarian after living there to play water polo for 8 months.

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