Active Adults - Equalities Lead

Strategic Lead - Children and Young People

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Personal Assistant and Business Operations

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Strategic Lead- Marketing and Communications

Strategic Lead - Business Operations

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Strategic Director - Place and Operations

Young People Equalities Lead

Office Manager

Sport & Physical Activity Welfare Lead

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Finance Lead

People and Leadership Lead

Project Lead - Right to the Streets / Health

Strategic Lead - Partnerships

Strategic Director - GM Moving

Chief Executive Officer

Strategic Lead - Marketing and Communications (Health)

Local Pilot: Project Support Lead

Strategic Lead - Place Partnerships

Strategic Lead - Active Adults

Project Support Lead - Health

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Strategic Lead - Evidence and Evaluation

Community Workforce Champions Lead

Strategic Lead - Walking and Active Environments

Strategic Lead - Healthy Active Places

Research & Evaluation Lead

Active Children Lead

Active Adults Lead

Strategic Director - People & Operations

Strategic Director - Health and Operations

Finance Lead

Project Support Lead CYP

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Sport & Physical Activity Welfare Lead

Content Lead

Strategic Lead – People and Leadership

Strategic Lead - Partnerships

Strategic Lead - Creative Active Schools

Active Young People Lead

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Marketing & Communications Lead