We believe in people. We believe that with the right opportunities, everyone should reach their full potential and we believe that moving more, sport and physical activity is a fundamental key to unlocking potential. Our aim is to have a workforce that not only thrives, but also reflects and understands the communities we work for and with, and one which encourages a sense of belonging for our team and partners.

Organisational Plans

Through our organisational plans, we work hard to create a culture where everyone is valued, listened to and treated with care, kindness and respect. Our People Plan provides an overview of the strategies, commitments, systems and procedures pertaining to our aim of being a great company to work for and with. It is closely aligned to our Business Plan, which sets out our purpose, vision and mission, who we are and what we do. This alignment ensures that the resources and activities directed towards our people directly support and contribute to the overarching organisational priorities and objectives.

Our Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan is intrinsically linked to the People Plan, going one step further in defining our unbridled commitment to becoming a more equal, fair, diverse, and inclusive organisation, which we know will enable us to make better, more informed decisions, provide wider perspectives, increase innovation and creativity, drive change and improve performance.

Our Extended Workforce Plan describes our contribution to developing the skills, behaviours and experiences of people and leaders across the Greater Manchester system, helping to realise its power and potential.

Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan

The Greater Manchester Moving Team and Board have co-designed a commitment statement and set of ambitions that signify the importance we place on promoting, embedding and advancing Equity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EEDI).

Our commitment

Greater Manchester Moving is committed to providing equal opportunities and promoting diversity, irrespective of ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexuality, disability, religion, pregnancy or personal circumstance. We ensure we consider lived experiences and personal circumstance when creating an equitable working environment, by promoting a safe, equal and respectful workplace.

Equality, equity, diversity and inclusion is critical for the success of GM Moving and the achievement of our vision. We are fully committed to treating all of our employees, job applicants and volunteers equally and equitably. As an employer, we aspire to being a diverse, inclusive and responsible organisation.


  1. Workforce Development: To nurture and strengthen EEDI knowledge, understanding, and confidence, within both the internal and external workforce.
  2. Enhanced Diversity and Inclusion: Greater diversity and inclusion across our Board and throughout the GM Moving team, ensuring a representation that mirrors the diversity of the Greater Manchester population.
  3. Leading by Example: An organisation that leads by example, celebrates diversity, promotes inclusion, and consciously creates a culture which promotes equality and respect.
  4. Integrated Practices: Embed EEDI principles into every facet of our operations, interactions and behaviours, ensuring compliance with and exceeding EEDI standards.
  5. Inclusive and Supportive Environment: Cultivate an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment where everyone experiences a sense of belonging, providing fair and equal opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential and thrive

The ambitions are strengthened by our Action Plan, which translates these aspirations into actionable steps with the goal of achieving tangible impact and results.

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