Together Fund Grants

GreaterSport has been working with Sport England to identify, support, and offer funding to community groups and organisations passionate about tackling inequalities surrounding access to sport and physical activity opportunities for priority audiences within their local areas.  

In Bury, the following projects benefitted from the funding and have been successful in engaging their communities and improving physical activity levels during the first two phases:

  • Mad Theatre Company
  • Collaborate Out Loud
  • Collaborate Out Loud
  • Spark Community
  • One Step Bury
  • ADAB Early Break
  • Bury Asian Women's Centre
  • The Sunnywood Project
  • BAME project
  • Bury People First
  • Supporting Sisters
  • Bury Defence Academy
  • Friends of Bury Young Carers

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Case Studies in Bury

Bury Basketball Alliance CIC

Project: This project supports men (40+) who want to increase physical fitness and discuss mental wellbeing. Funding has supported a separate basketball session so that certain health conditions can be accommodated. The sessions are followed by a session talking about mental wellbeing, delivered by a qualified practitioner, to break down barriers and connect through shared experiences.

Impact: Around 30 registered men from different backgrounds and different abilities.


  • Created a Facebook group and invited participants to join, content was added weekly and conversations took place online after feedback that a formal setting around tables wasn't suitable.
  • Adapted sessions to include warm-ups and skill-based drills in addition to 3x3 games.
  • Creation of a YouTube channel supported the promotion of sessions on social media channels.