The GM Moving Podcast exists to share reflections, tips and stories from the people leading, learning, connecting and moving in Greater Manchester.

Our movement for movement welcomes all organisations and individuals supporting our ambition of active lives for all and we're delighted to have welcomed many of them onto the podcast since 2020.

You can listen to The GM Moving Podcast wherever you normally listen to podcasts, or through using the links below.

Series 4 - Right to the Streets

The third and fourth series of The GM Moving Podcast focuses solely on the Right to the Streets movement in Trafford.

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In the new series, we speak to people and partners about how the movement has grown and developed across the borough, the big difference it's making locally, and everything that we have learned along the way.

We'll be hearing the experiences and gathering ideas and solutions for improvement from council leaders, charities, community groups and others as they shift the dial from fear to freedom.

We want to trailblaze a different approach to street harassment and gender-based violence in public spaces and inspire you, across Greater Manchester and beyond, to take the steps to create a whole system-approach to addressing violence against women and girls in your local area.

Series 4 Episode 2: The power of bystander intervention

What is an active bystander? How do they disrupt harassment against women and girls? And how do we become one?

In the second episode of series four of The GM Moving Podcast, host Eve Holt is joined by Julie Tweedale from Freedom Personal Safety to talk about how they are tackling sexual harassment in Greater Manchester through active bystander training, and Dave Green from Transport for Greater Manchester to hear how the training has informed them.

Episode transcript available to download.

Series 4 trailer

To mark White Ribbon Day 2023, and continued efforts to end violence against women and girls, we're launching our second podcast series focusing on Right to the Streets. 

It's time to share the journey of discovery we've been on in Trafford and show you how the Right to the Streets movement has grown, the difference it's making and what we've learned along the way. We hope you enjoy it.

Series 4 Episode 1: Why does participatory data collection matter?

In our opening episode of series four, Eve explores all things data, to include what counts as data, who gets to decide how it can be collected, and how it can be used to inform local community action.

She speaks to colleagues at Open Data Manchester (ODM for short), one of the key delivery partners who steered and expertly managed the data-led approach to the initiation of the Right to the Streets movement.

Episode transcript available to download.

Previous Series:

Series 1 - Covid-19, response and recovery

During the spring and summer of 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we launched The GM Moving Podcast. We held a number of conversations with partners across the Greater Manchester system to hear their thoughts on our progress towards a more active city region. 

Listen back to Series 1 here

Series 2 - GM Moving in Action in a place

In August 2022 the GM Moving podcast returned for series 2 and explored place-based working to enable people to get moving.

We have an episode from each locality where they share how they've been working, what's worked, what's not, and what they've learnt so far. The first episode launched on Thursday 11 August.

Listen back to Series 2 here

Series 3 - Initiating the Right to the Streets movement

The GM Moving podcast returned for series 3 in summer 2023 with a brand new topic, exploring how people and communities can work together to make our streets and public spaces more welcoming and safe for women and girls.

We delved into people's experiences and gathered ideas and solutions for improvement from partners so that everyone across Greater Manchester and beyond can be inspired to take the steps to create a whole system-approach to addressing violence against women and girls in their local area. The first episode launched on Thursday 11 May.

Listen back to Series 3 here

Recent Episodes:

Series 3 Episode 8: Sports

Released: Thursday 29 June 2023

We certainly couldn’t finish the third series without exploring one of the biggest attractions in Trafford: sport. The area is home to two of Greater Manchester’s biggest sporting venues, Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground and Lancashire Cricket Club.

With that huge throng of people taking to the streets of Old Trafford most weeks, we wanted to explore how sports events like these impact the feeling of safety amongst the women and girls who visit or live in the area. We ask how inclusive this sporting community is and how our current facilities, infrastructure, programmes, role models and cultural norms help and hinder women and girls' access and participation.

Full episode transcript available to download.

Series 3 Episode 7: Young People

Released: Thursday 22 June 2023

How do young people experience our streets and public spaces and what role can they can play in making places more welcoming and joyful for everyone?

In episode 7 of the Right to the Streets series of the GM Moving podcast, we are powerfully reminded of how far we still need to go to end, the normalisation of misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and other forms of prejudice, discrimination and harassment.

It leaves many young people feeling fearful and unsafe on our streets and hinder their freedom to be active. Hear from individuals working with young people or on youth projects in Trafford and across Greater Manchester about how the world is changing for young people.

Full episode transcript available to download.

Series 3 Episode 6: Culture and Nightlife

Released: Thursday 15 June 2023

Manchester is known around the world for its sports, culture and music venues. Trafford is home to some of the biggest concert venues including Lancashire Cricket Ground, Victoria Warehouse and Old Trafford Football Ground, all of which are popular venues for international artists and gig-goers.

In episode 6 of the Right to the Streets series of the GM Moving podcast, we're joined by Trafford Councillor Jo Harding and Sacha Lord, Manchester's Night Time Economy Adviser and founder of The Warehouse Project and Parklife as we discuss how we can make our cultural and night time spaces safer and more welcoming for women and girls.

Full episode transcript available to download.

Series 3 Episode 5: Active Lives

Released: Thursday 8 June 2023

In episode 5, we're focusing on what it actually means to live an active life and what we are learning about what gets in the way. We will be heading to the GM Moving Conference to find out what are the key ingredients to creating the conditions for active lives from the people making this happen.

We are also joined by The Guardian's Editor for the North of England, Helen Pidd, who will be talking about how communications and messaging, locally and in the media, impact our perception of safety on our streets, and the challenge of crafting a public narrative that normalises active lives and everyday moving for all, when public demand pushes the press to tell stories which amplify the extremes.

Episode transcript available to download