Together, we can Keep GM Moving.

The way we market and communicate about physical activity and sport is critical to the behaviour change process.

Leading a healthier lifestyle can help us to feel happier and provide a sense of wellbeing and self-confidence that has benefits throughout life. But we know, often from experience, how hard it is to make even simple changes in life stick. 

In the modern world there are many reasons to live an unhealthy and inactive life; convenience food, sedentary jobs with long hours, the types of transport on offer and even the entertainment that is cheapest and most easily available are all designed to keep us sitting down. 

When this is the case it does not seem fair to blame individuals for losing fitness. Our marketing insight research told us that inactive people fondly remember a time when they were active, but lifestyle transitions and the systems that surround us so often get in the way and discourage us from being active. 

There is no silver bullet when it comes to supporting people to be more active.

But that does not mean we should give up hope. Good, consistent and repeated simple marketing content about the ways people can build more activity into their everyday life with messages about the benefits of moving more can help to nudge people away from the sofa to lead happier and healthier lives. And while it is difficult, it isn’t impossible.

Campaigns across GM

Keep GM moving 

Starring people from six of the 10 Greater Manchester boroughs, the 'Keep Moving' campaign launched in September 2021 as the region returns to routine after the summer break and the lifting of lockdown restrictions. 

Keep Moving shows people how simple it can be to find a few minutes here and there to build movement into regular daily activities. So while making a brew or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, it’s easy to find just 30 minutes to move more.

The campaign’s central message is that moving more doesn’t have to be chore and can be slotted into everyday activities. Thirty minutes a day can be fun, social and bring loads of benefits, like feeling happier, more confident and sleeping well, as well as helping towards long-term health.

You can follow the campaign @KeepMovingGM; please follow us and re-tweet its content. If you want to share the campaign video advert, any of the posters or digital content (and we’re sure you will) you can request them at [email protected] and we will share them as soon as they're available.

The Greater Manchester Way

The Greater Manchester Way campaign aims to inspire people to consider walking in their everyday lives.

It’s about helping people to connect with the idea that walking has a lot more to offer, and highlighting the multitude of benefits that walking can bring. By showing the real reasons people walk, and what they get from it, we want to help people to help people to choose to be more active.

The Greater Manchester Way embodies a pioneering spirit. There are so many different ways to walk in Greater Manchester, but we want everyone to find their own way, and see where it can take them. Resources available to help you include:

National Campaigns

  • This Girl Can: In 2015 Sport England launched their This Girl Can campaign, targeting women and girls aiming to break down the barriers women face with regards to being active. If you haven’t already registered as a supporter to access all the free campaign resources, you can do so here.
  • We are Undefeatable: In September 2019, Sport England in combination with The Richmond Group of Charities, launched this campaign to target those with a Long Term Health Condition to help them find ways to move more in a way that suits them. If you work with people with a long term health condition in Greater Manchester and want to know how you can get involved please email [email protected]. You can also access free campaign resources by registering as a supporter here.

Support for your marketing

  • We have developed a brand new resource hub, where you can freely access all of our campaign assets and stock imagery for use to promote physical activity and sport across Greater Manchester. You can register for free here, and start using these resources immediately to enhance and improve your marketing. You can also add your own resources (if you have permissions for them to be used by anyone!) so that others may use.
  • There is a campaign and events calendar that you can access here detailing what's coming up both locally and nationally. If you would like any of your campaigns or events adding to this calendar please email [email protected].
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