There is a growing interest in sharing and collectively making sense of our knowledge for learning how to use a whole-system approach to increasing physical activity. The Cambridge Dictionary defines learning as “the activity of getting knowledge”. This sounds simple enough until you begin to explore what the activity of getting knowledge entails.

Learning for systems change is critical when working with complexity. The dynamic nature of complex adaptive systems requires an ability to continually sense and learn from the system and adapt accordingly. This is because the nature of the challenge and ‘what works’ to meet the challenge is continually shifting (Lowe and Plimmer, 2019). This requires an ongoing process of iterative inquiry that draws upon wisdom and insights from across the system. Such learning challenges traditional siloes of expertise and organisational boundaries (Clarke et al., 2019).

'Learning is not simply a nice to have. It is critical for greater impact and improved outcomes, particularly in mission-driven organisations and initiatives’ - (Price et al., 2019).

This page covers two approaches explicit (articulated/ documented knowledge) and dynamic (the process of learning through doing) learning.

Explicit Learning

An example of a write up of a recent Community of Learning for Community Investment Funds across a number of GM Moving partners can be found under the heading Community investment fund learnings. As we gather more examples of these, you will find written content added to the resource bank that draws upon individual, group and system-wide learning.

If you have content to share that you think would be useful to GM Moving partners, then please email [email protected].

Dynamic Learning

The activity of getting knowledge is a social process, it requires more than the exchange of existing knowledge or the latest and best practice. To enable active interaction between individuals, to critically reflect and interpret knowledge for learning, we will collectively develop open events around common topics to enable spaces for such processes to happen.

We would love to hear from you! If you have a suggested topic that you have stories or examples to share or you would find useful to explore further together, please click here to complete a form to let us know.

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