Activity Levels Among Trafford's Children & Young People

53.5% of children are not achieving 30 active minutes in school.

52.1% of children are not achieving 30 active minutes outside of school.

Trafford's Children and Young People

Activity Levels are important because in Trafford local insight shows us that:

30.7% of children finish Primary School overweight or obese, we know that physical activity has an impact on obesity levels. 

The average number of points at the end of KS4 in terms of GCSE's is 412.9 compared to 366.3 in England. We know that physical activity can have an impact on attainment, by improving brain function. 

12% of children are living in poverty compared to 17% in England. The Active Lives survey shows us that children and young people from less affluent families are more likely to be less active. 

To see more of what is going on in Trafford around Children and Young People please see the pack put together showing the programmes and Primary School Premium Spending in the downloads section.