Stockport Overview

24.3% inactive, 13.4% fairly active, 62.4% active

The latest results continue the negative average trend in Stockport where there has been a decrease of 1.1% in the number of adults moving (active and fairly active) since Active Lives began in November 2015-16. However, it remains above the Greater Manchester level of moving.

Stockport Moving Population Compared to Greater Manchester Over Time

When this latest release is combined with activity data on children and young people, 206,000 Stockport residents are moving. Find out more about activity levels of children and young people in Stockport here.

Changes in inactivity

Since the first Active Lives release, (November 2015-16), Stockport has seen a decrease in inactivity levels across a number of cohorts. The exception to this being males, females, 16-34 year olds, those aged 75+ and those without a long term limiting disability. The largest decreases in inactivity have been amongst those with a long term limiting disability with a 6.6% decrease, those aged 35-54 a 1.9% decrease, and those from higher socio-economic categories, a 1.7% decrease.

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