Data and learning: Ethnicity

We know that there is a difference in activity levels between ethnicities, resulting in health inequalities. Those of South Asian or Black ethnicities are reported as less active than other ethnicities. In some ethnicities there is a larger gap in the activity levels of men and women than others, for example, women from White backgrounds are more likely to be active compared to people from Asian and Black backgrounds. It’s important for us not to group all people from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds together; a range of interlinked, and compounding, social, cultural and economic factors are at play. Here you will find the latest research related to the physical activity and sport levels, motivations and barriers of those from BAME communities.

Data and learning: Volunteering

We know that the role of volunteering, from coaching or refereeing to providing transport or raising funds, is vital to many people’s participation in sport and physical activity. Here you will find the latest research related to volunteering within physical activity and sport.