Rochdale activity levels

  • This is a decrease in the last year:
    • in the last 12 months (since May 2017-18) of 0.5% or 400 fewer adults moving
    • in the last 6 months (since November 2017-18) of 1.6%.
  • Rochdale have slightly closed the difference since baseline (November 2015-16) but are still below the Greater Manchester (GM) average of 73.3%.

Rochdale % adults moving

There are significant inequalities in inactivity levels across people within a place.

  • Inactivity has decreased since 2015-16 for all demographics in Rochdale below, particularly 75+ years by 5.8%.

  • It is highest for those aged 75+, those with a disability and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds (NS SEC 6-8).

Rochdale activity levels by demographics

*Higher, Middle and Lower income categories in the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification

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