Greater Manchester Adult Activity Levels May 18-19

The latest Active Lives results released by Sport England show that there are now 73.3% adults active for at least 30 minutes a week in Greater Manchester, which equates to 1,639,000 adults. This is an increase of 14,900 from the survey 12 months ago and a total increase of 68,100 since the survey began in 2015 – 16.

Greater Manchester activity levelsSport England have released the latest Adult Active Lives Survey results, covering May 2017-18 to May 2018-19, the national report can be viewed here.

The trend is positive for Greater Manchester (GM) and more people are moving for at least 30 minutes a week however; we are still below the national average of 75.2%.

GM % Adults Moving

When the number of children and young people moving in GM is added to this, it totals towards the GM targets below:

GM targets

Across the ten areas of GM there are varying activity levels:

GM boroughs % adults moving

As well as across demographics, although inactivity levels have decreased for all since baseline (November 2015-16), they are still higher than national levels:

GM inactivity by demographics

More detailed information can downloaded to the right for each borough and GM.