Following the latest (November 18-19) Sport England Active Lives data, released in April, we have now received and analysed the data at both a Greater Manchester (GM) and borough level to understand the key differences that exist between different demographics.

Since the survey launched in November 15-16, the active population (those who do 150+ minutes of physical activity a week),  has increased by 2.6%, this is more than double the national increase of 1.2%. As a whole 73.8% of adults in GM are moving (active and fairly active), however, this level varies significantly across the 10 boroughs of GM; there is a 9.7% activity gap between Bury and Oldham, the boroughs with the highest and lowest physical activity levels.

Overall in GM walking for travel has increased by 1.2% since Nov 17/18. Walking for leisure has increased by 1.6% and all walking has increased by 1.8%. (Based upon walking of a moderate intensity for at least 10 minutes twice in the last 28 days.)

Bar graph showing walking rates over time

Published September 2020