A focus on mental wellbeing is key for the whole population. Greater Manchester (GM) Moving is vital to recovery from the pandemic - both our individual and collective recovery. We need to recognise the significant impact the pandemic has had on everyone, and promote physical activity as a means to reconnect with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, nature and feeling better again.

GM Moving, GM Health and Social Care Partnership, Mind, local authorities, and other GM Moving partner organisations are working together to align and fully integrate physical activity alongside mental wellbeing.

GM Moving will:

  • Strengthen the message and framing about the benefits of moving and physical activity to improving our mental health and wellbeing, illuminating and sharing stories.
  • Promote mental wellbeing benefits of outdoor activity, active travel, and green social prescribing.
  • Recognise the importance of how our place feels, with good facilities and access to green open space necessary.
  • Embed physical activity as a tool to help improve the mental health of children and young people
  • Highlight how events and connectivity of communities, including links between moving and socialising, are vital to mental wellbeing
  • Take learnings from the Covid-19 response including building on learnings about adaptation and ways that people designed moving and activity back into lifestyles.
  • Grow and draw on advocacy and passion; people who lead and work in GM wellbeing and health teams, communities, and families.
  • Work together across GM to join dots, align and collaborate across sectors, across the system. This in turn will help to contribute to wider wellbeing and equality goals.

GM Big Mental Wellbeing Conversation

The Greater Manchester Conversation aimed to hear from people and communities across Greater Manchester about what’s important for their mental wellbeing. The objective is to use the information to understand what matters and to shape future

initiatives to improve mental wellbeing, making sure they reflect the needs of local people. The results showed that Greater Manchester residents clearly emphasised a need for more to be done to protect and improve their mental wellbeing. They have put forward many ideas for how we could do things differently. Now the system will be working together, to respond to these findings to improve mental wellbeing for all in Greater Manchester. Read the full report here.

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Feel Good Your Way campaign launched to support girls' mental health

By GM Moving | 10 October 2023

Feel good your way shows 11- to 16-year-old girls how moving and physical activity, in whatever way works for them, can support their mental wellbeing.

Moving for mental health: Mind joins forces with Chasing the Stigma

By Mind & Chasing the Stigma | 22 September 2023

Mind’s Physical Activity team has selected Chasing the Stigma’s Hub of Hope to become their new signposting tool, directing people to life-changing and even lifesaving support.

Headstart makes expansive headway in North West

By EFL Trust | 15 May 2023

Four additional charities are to support the Headstart project in Greater Manchester. The programme supports thousands of young people with their mental health.