Designing moving into health, care and community building for health creation is critical to our collective future ambitions. Five years into GM’s health and care devolution journey, the evidence for and belief in the power of active lives to support health and wellbeing is stronger than ever, particularly in the context of Covid-19 recovery. Despite great progress made at neighbourhood, locality and GM levels, we still have a long way to go.

In GM, a truly whole system approach is being used to achieve this priority; with strategic commitment and leadership at executive and political level in both GM, and our ten localities. In addition, there are thousands of people and organisations working to improve health and wellbeing, from the NHS to those in the voluntary and community sector, local authorities, employers and the commercial health and wellbeing sector.

We now need to build on the change that has started, so that active lives play their full part in prevention of health conditions, tackling health inequalities, mitigating the impact of Covid-19 and support recovery. 

This requires continued honesty and action around the entrenched blockages and barriers to change, progress and outcomes, which could continue to limit our collective progress.

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