What is The Daily Mile Destinations?

The aim of The Daily Mile Destinations is to inspire children, support teachers and promote school-based physical activity whilst improving children’s health and well-being. Developed in collaboration with teachers, the fun and engaging content links into the school curriculum and is an easy fit into all classrooms.

Aiming to achieve 100 days of The Daily Mile, classes strive to complete 3-5 days of The Daily Mile a week with each Daily Mile day moving you closer towards achieving a new destination sticker!

Each time your class reaches 1 of the 15 destinations around the world, add the country’s sticker to your class passport, and away you go, off to the next destination on the map. Classes are free to start anywhere on the map. The choice is yours!

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Travel the Great Wall of China, soak up the spray at Niagara Falls, stand in awe as the sun rises over the pyramids of Giza and visit Chile’s Easter Island… Whatever your journey looks like this year, let The Daily Mile Destinations help you along the way, keeping your pupils, fit, focused and flourishing – the journey is in your hands.

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How can my school join?

To take part in The Daily Mile Destinations simply click on the link above, fill in the form and all the resources to get you involved will be sent directly to your email address.

Your school will receive access to the following Daily Mile Destinations resources in a digital and printable format to use in your school as you wish.

  • A Daily Mile Destinations map for your whole school to use
  • School moving markers to track each of your classes movements
  • Class passports with destination markers
  • A cross-curricular fact sheet to aid your children's learning
  • A ‘How to’ guide and support assembly video
  • Daily Mile Destination Certificates
  • Fun facts for each destination to aid children's learning 
  • Teacher Assembly Presentation

Please note: By signing up to The Daily Mile Destinations, users will automatically be signed up to The Daily Mile programme and receive a welcome pack in the post as well as additional online resources direct from the Daily Mile Foundation.



"The children have absolutely loved it! They’ve enjoyed learning about the specific countries, and reading the facts and because they’ve got something to work towards, that’s made them do it even more because they really want to get to that next destination. They’ve loved learning about all the different places, so it’s like an incentive for them to do it."

Teacher at Spindle Point Primary School, Bolton

What the children said;

"It feels like you’re actually running around the whole universe and actually going to different countries. And you can actually imagine that you’re actually there, speaking a different language and then you might want to learn a different language."

"I'm not always good at all the other subjects, but this gives me a chance to show what I'm good at."

Pupils from Spindle Point Primary School, Bolton

Watch the video below to learn more about Daily Mile Destinations