The Daily Mile™

The initiative encourages schools to adopt daily physical activity as part of their regular routine, in a way that is non-competitive and 100% inclusive of all pupils – regardless of their age, ability or personal circumstance.

Teacher and schoolchildren running around taking part in The Daily Mile

The Daily MileTM (TDM) is a simple, free initiative in which children are encouraged to jog or run, at their own pace, outside in the fresh air for 15 minutes every day in their nursery and primary schools.

It has been shown to increase children’s overall health and wellbeing whilst also reducing children’s sedentary time. With increased sedentary time being a predictor of chronic disease in later life, The Daily Mile can have lifelong benefits, as well as short term. It not only models healthy behaviours, it also provides important social opportunities, where teachers can better get to know their students and facilitate more robust relationships away from the classroom. Find out more about The Daily Mile here.

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The Daily Mile in Greater Manchester

As of July 2021 there are 530 primary schools in Greater Manchester signed up to The Daily Mile.

The latest data (available here) for children and young people in Greater Manchester shows that the majority are not active enough to benefit their health. The Daily Mile is therefore key in helping to improve activity levels by providing an opportunity for all children to move more in a simple and accessible way.

Encouraging all schools to sign up to The Daily Mile is helping Greater Manchester to reach its ambition of being the world’s first Daily Mile City-Region. This ambition, made in March 2018, sets a target for all nurseries, schools, universities and workplaces to adopt The Daily Mile. Find out more here.

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At Springside Primary School, The Daily Mile had proven a positive wellbeing initiative that was helping to regulate the children after an often-challenging journey to school. As pupils returned to school after Covid-19 The Daily Mile was high on the list to help them adjust back to the school day; ‘Many of our children have long journeys sitting on school buses, which presents difficulties for their personal needs,’ she explains. ‘Some exercise on arrival at school really regulates them and gets them ready to go into class and learn, recovering The Daily Mile™ as soon as possible was crucial.’

Jane (teacher), Springside Primary School, Rochdale

Daily Mile Destinations

The Daily Mile Destinations aims to inspire children, support teachers and promote school-based physical activity whilst improving children’s health and well-being. Developed in collaboration with teachers, the fun and engaging content links into the school curriculum and is an easy fit into all classrooms. Each daily mile contributes to an educational trip around the world, get started on your journey today.

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Learnings from The Daily Mile

From April 2019 - January 2021, Sport England funded a number of local coordinators to help embed The Daily Mile in Primary Schools, one of which was within Greater Manchester. There has been a great deal learned during this time, these learnings, which can be applied to many other elements of working with children and young people, can be found below.

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Schoolchildren running around their playground doing The Daily Mile

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St Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Academy in Marple Bridge took part in a marathon relay, raising over £3,000

By GM Moving | 02 November 2021

Inspired by The Daily Mile™, more than 250 pupils, families and staff from St Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Academy in Marple Bridge took part in a marathon relay, raising over £3,000 for the school.