The Connect programme is a free, digital, downloadable programme which has been developed alongside a public mental health expert and personal trainer, to empower veterans and their families in learning about how our mind and body work together to create, boost and maintain greater wellbeing.

Designed as a proactive, accessible and positive way to build better mental and physical wellbeing into veterans lives, the Connect programme can be downloaded and worked through around busy schedules and commitments.

Connect is a flexible programme which can be undertaken as an individual or as a family with the aim of introducing positive new habits that veterans can embed into their everyday lives.

As one of the national ‘Positive Pathways’ projects funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust, Connect has been co-designed with veterans, for veterans through an initial pilot programme.

Following the completion of the pilot programme in early 2021, we were able to launch the digital Connect programme for the whole veteran community in August 2021.

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How does it work?

The free programme consists of six sessions which can be worked through in your own time and are available to download, read and watch on demand, at a time that suits you.

Each session includes a video which guides you through the individual themes, providing more information about our mental wellbeing and a physical workout to compliment this. The guide is designed to support each video session, providing further information, reading and links as an option to learn more.

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