We have a progressive approach to evaluation of the Local Pilot - we want to understand how change has happened, as well as what's changed.

Substance consortium (Substance, Sheffield Hallam University and Cavill Associates) were commissioned in March 2019 to be an evaluation partner for the local pilot. They have employed a mix of realist, developmental and participatory evaluation methods to help us to understand and explain the extent to which the conditions in a place enable active lives.

Evaluation is a key part of the local pilot process, with the emphasis from Sport England placed on learning how to create change that enables active lives, rather than just measuring the impact.

We understand how important context is and have embedded researchers within each locality, to attend relevant meetings and regularly catch up with local leads. Along with embedding researchers in localities, the evaluation team have:

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  • Synthesised existing evidence from academic literature;
  • Interviewed and observed system stakeholders;
  • Found alternative ways to measure change.

You can find the process evaluations from:

To understand more about features of system working, how and why we think they may support active lives, and what we are learning about trying to work in this way read below to find out about each of the enablers of change.

Enablers of change

Over the last 4 years we have been trying to understand how to get more people moving through a whole system approach.

To develop our understanding we have examined existing evidence from other whole system approaches, looked at alternative ways to capture the value in our work, and had lots (and lots!) of conversations with our partners across Greater Manchester.

From this, we have developed five enablers of change, which are conditions we know need to be in place in order for real change to happen. The five enablers not only help us to understand how we can work in a joined-up way to create changes that enable active lives, but they also can be used to help plan and guide our work going forward.

Watch the video (right) to discover what the five enablers of change are, and use the links below to learn more about each of them.