A key aspect of the local pilot is to speak, and more importantly listen, with communities across Greater Manchester to understand what systemic barriers are affecting their activity levels. We know that an individual's activity level is determined by so much more than willpower or motivation. Rather, activity levels are determined by the complex system that a community or individual lives, works and socialises within.

GM Moving has embraced the opportunity to develop a different relationship with the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprises (VCSE), local people and communities within Greater Manchester. Our aim is to collectively reimagine engagement, leading to effective sustainable co-design and co-production owned by a diverse range of voices.

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In January 2019 10GM partnered with GM Moving and the Local Pilot teams to ensure:

  • VCSE representation in the governance at each locality local pilot steering group.
  • VCSE are named partners on the locality steering groups and in a significant number of localities. They have direct resources to the local VCSE and have built co-design and coproduction into their delivery models.
  • VCSE contribute to the system leadership programme informed by knowledge and learning from the VCSE sector and local people. This has led to workshops on engagement and system change from a community perspective.
  • Created space for GM Moving and Sport England to access local community leadership and learning opportunities. The VCSE voice is strong throughout the design work, for example in recent GM Moving and LP work on inequality.

Taking learning from the Covid-19 pandemic, engagement with the VCSE sector, communities, and local people will continue to be a vital part of the local pilot work. The evaluation of the local pilot has highlighted the continued importance of meaningful engagement with the VCSE sector and the gaps that still exist, particularly in relation to inequality.

As part of our ongoing commitment to meaningful engagement we are:

  • Currently learning from Phase 1 and 2 of the Tackling Inequalities Fund to ensure that we are reaching marginalised communities who have been most affected by the pandemic.
  • Convening the GM VCSE Leadership Group and GM Equality Alliance over the summer to start an inequalities conversation, this has contributed to the shaping of the refresh of Sport England’s Strategy.