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A key GM Moving priority is to develop active and sustainable environments through active design, planning and infrastructure that makes the choice to be active easier and more appealing for everyone.

Outdoor gyms are currently closed during the national lockdown (announced January 4th).

Young boy climbing up an indoor climbing wall smiling at the camera

A key GM Moving priority is to ensure that children and young people lead active lives, moving every day, with greater choice, say and independence in when and how they move in safe, age appropriate spaces.

A key GM Moving priority is to lead, learn, work and move together to enable active lives for all, removing barriers and targeting resources, to support the least active residents to move more.

A key priority within GM Moving is to ensure that movement, physical activity and sport play their part in health creation through truly integrated approaches to health and care in every neighbourhood across Greater Manchester (GM).

A key GM Moving priority is to embed physical activity as a tool to help improve mental health