A key GM Moving priority is to create the conditions within a place to enable active lives for all. Working together to ensure that the activities and facilities reflect what is needed within individual communities.

Working with people and partners at a local and neighbourhood level to align strategic thinking, policy and practice is key to ensuring that what we’re doing collectively creates the conditions for positive change for everyone. Recognising that what is done in one place may not work exactly the same way elsewhere.

There are a number of urgent problems that communities are faced with, including, how to help people become more active to improve health and wellbeing; reducing loneliness; improving high streets and neighbourhoods and; reducing carbon emissions.

A population-wide attitude shift is possible, away from being active as something you ‘go to do’ to something which is also every day. There is a shift from a mindset of ‘do to’, to ‘do with’ people and communities, building trust and resilience. This then evolves from a siloed ‘physical activity in a place’ approach to one where physical activity is integrated with other placed-based approaches such as holistic population health, thriving communities, active design and environmental sustainability.

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The Greater Manchester Local Delivery Pilot (Local Pilot)

The Greater Manchester Local Delivery Pilot is the largest of 12 Pilots nationally that have been invested in by Sport England to address the stubborn inequalities that exist in physical activity and sport in our communities. The Local Pilot approach spans different layers of place with its influence being felt at a regional strategic level. Learn more about the Greater Manchester local pilot here.

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New maps launched in Brinnington to help residents move more in their local area

By Life Leisure | 08 November 2021

Life Leisure have partnered with local residents of Brinnington to come up with new and innovative ways to get people moving as part of the Local Pilot.

Brinnington Walking Trails: An Example of productive partnership working

By GreaterSport | 06 September 2021

A case study from Stockport's local pilot programme in Brinnington where they are working closely with TfGM on a common goal.

Beswick & Clayton, Manchester: Working Together in Place

By GreaterSport | 31 August 2021

One Manchester Housing Association, GreaterSport, and local partners are collaborating to help residents of Beswick and Clayton in East Manchester to live healthier, more active lives and to connect the community together.