Job role: To increase physical activity and sport engagement across adults and older adults, reducing inequalities and contributing to health, wealth and wellbeing. I lead on the Active Workplaces programme to encourage employers across Greater Manchester to incorporate physical activity within employee wellbeing programmes.

Date joined: September 2012

Professional background: I've worked in Sports Development since I left College in 1993 and worked for the Manchester Giants Basketball Team at the Manchester Arena for 7 years. I set up my own Basketball Coaching and Central Venue leagues business before joining GreaterSport and Basketball England in 2012.

Fun fact: I played in the first Junior England Basketball team to win a competitive game in European competition.

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Changing what it means to be an Active Workplace

By John Brady | 29 January 2020

When people think about an Active Workplace, people often think of big obstacle races or endurance events. And whilst these are great, being an active workplace is much more, and much simpler than that.