Time on board - July 2018 to present

Why I joined the GreaterSport board - GreaterSport’s aspiration and sense of purpose ties in beautifully with my own personal beliefs – and my own aspirations for this part of the country. I really believe that Greater Manchester is on the cusp of a massive leap forward as a city region – and I felt that I could make a tangible positive contribution, whilst also developing myself as a person – working with a diverse, talented and truly inspiring team.

Current Job - I am a director at EveryCloud Security, an independent cloud security consultancy that helps businesses implement their digital transformation strategy, safely and confidently taking advantage of all the cloud has to offer, whilst keeping the bad guys at bay.

Professional Background - Most of my career has been about transformational leadership in corporate and SME technology businesses – predominantly in sales and business development. Being something of a “champion of ideals”, I’ve always loved getting to grips with people’s true aspirations, be it colleagues or customers, then helping them to become everything they aspire to be.

Skills I Bring - I’d like to think I can complement the already highly talented board with my sales leadership skills, networking know-how and innovative thinking. I’m also passionate about building collaborative and inclusive teams, and mentoring – and was privileged to be awarded the Women In Sales Awards (Europe) “Best Male Mentor” Award in 2017 – and the Northern Power Women “Agent Of Change” Award in 2018.

Areas of Expertise - Aside from my grounding in sales and business growth – I’d say two other areas where I can add real value are around building successful partnerships (having run a partnering business for several years) and leveraging technology, digital and data in order to unlock the full potential of any digital transformation opportunities.

Personal Interests - I’m one of two Everton fans on the GreaterSport board. (I’ll leave you guessing as to who the other one is!)