The Local Pilot is a Sport England funded programme that invests in a behaviour change approach in a place to enable sustainable change and gain valuable learnings that can be shared across the country. From July 2018, Wigan utilised research and insight to create their initial 12-month plan, starting from April 2019; this can be viewed here.

The local pilot in Wigan has the following aims:

  1. Improving GP Patient Pathway by developing the community wealth building approach in a locality.
  2. Remodelling of the Youth Offer in the Borough
  3. Addressing inequalities in the Borough particularly those that have widened as a result of Covid-19 and can be solved fully/in-part through improving access to physical activity.

In Wigan the pilot team have been testing ‘Roots to Wellbeing’, a programme that helps those furthest from the labour market to overcome significant barriers to progression. It is designed to help improve an individual’s overall health and wellbeing, employability skills as well as their confidence and self-esteem.

This programme has tested a new approach by integrating more health, wellbeing and physical activity support within the programme to enable individuals to embed this within their everyday life, to ultimately add value to current employability outcomes by increasing confidence and self-esteem. A physical activity coordinator provides one to one support to help sustain and maintain more than 30 minutes of physical activity each week, both as part of the programme and access outside of the programme into the community and through partnerships, such as Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles (IHL).

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