The Local Pilot is a Sport England funded programme that invests in a behaviour change approach in a place to enable sustainable change and gain valuable learnings that can be shared across the country. From July 2018, Bury utilised research and insight to create their initial 12-month plan, starting from April 2019; this can be viewed here.

Bury’s local pilot is working with the community in of Radcliffe and aims to work with the following audiences; Young people and families; People out of work, and people in work but at risk of becoming workless; People aged 40-60 with, or at risk of, long term conditions.

The pilot work in Bury is supported by borough wide partners who sit on the steering group, this is made up of; Bury Council (Public Health, Learning and Education, Working Well, Bury Live Well), various community leaders and groups and local voluntary organisation Bury VCFA.

An example of the pilots impact in Bury can be seen through 'Play Streets' which supports local residents to legally close their street to traffic, creating a safe space for families and residents to bring the community together. This has been achieved by building relationships with local residents, understanding what matters to them and supporting the community to have ownership of decisions and initiatives in their local area. 

To add yourself as a Bury Moving partner or find more information about the local pilot in Bury contact: [email protected]

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