The GM Moving Big Co-Production Conversation is a series of online conversations led by local people to explore and address topics that are important to you including violence reduction, community power, and caring for the environment.

The sessions are free to attend and will be a fantastic opportunity to hear great stories, meet new people, and learn skills that will support better co-production and collaboration in the future.

Running from Monday 22nd November – Friday 3rd December 2021 with attendees having the freedom to drop-in to any sessions they’re interested in. All sessions will be hosted on Zoom.

Use the hashtag #GMMovingCoPro21 to share your experiences and learnings from the sessions!

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Programme of events

To book your place please click on the unique registration link for each session found in the full programme below. Please save the date and time in your calendar for the sessions you sign up for, and in the days leading up to the session(s) you have registered for, you will receive an email with details to access the session.

Who is it for? These sessions are for anyone and everyone wishing to influence, encourage, or learn more about coproduction. You can choose how involved you'd like to be in the conversations and can book onto as many sessions as you like! 

Please note: the below programme is subject to change with more sessions being added in due course. Please keep checking this page for updates.

Let’s take a look back (postponed until the New Year)

This final session is a chance to join a conversation about what we have heard, learnt, and discussed, and where we would like to go in the future. This is an ongoing conversation about co-production and we want to hear from you about how we can do this in a meaningful way.

Date: TBC (in 2022)

Session led by: Claire Tomkinson (GreaterSport), Kat Pursall (10GM) and Claire Haigh (Collaborate Out Loud)

Previous sessions

What’s this all about?

In this session we will take you through the background and context of The Big Co-Production Conversation, the programme of events, and the proposed outcomes of what we hear, learn and explore during this time. This will be an informal session to allow time for questions and networking. Led by: Claire Tomkinson (GreaterSport), Kat Pursall (10GM) and Claire Haigh (Collaborate Out Loud). Date and time: 22nd November, 10am - 11am

Digital tools for co-production and collaboration

If you are a Digital Newbie or a Virtual Keyboard Warrior your contribution will be valuable as we explore together the digital tools that can help collaboration and co-production happen in a virtual environment. Led by: Kev Wyke (Collaborate Out Loud). Date and time: 22nd November, 11am - 12:30pm

Not another coproduction workshop!

A space to come and reflect on what coproduction is, learn about how it feels, explore how you can develop approaches to coproduction in relation to your own practice, and what it means to co-create the right conditions for meaningful coproduction. Led by: Cat Duncan-Rees and Isaac Samuels (Curators of Change). Date and time: 22nd November, 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Do it with a doodle

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in understanding how we can use visual language to communicate and connect with others. In this interactive session we will explore what visual thinking and working is all about, where and how you can use it, and how to start exploring your own personal style. To get the most out of this session please bring something to doodle with and draw on!

Conflict is natural - engaging with and pre-empting conflict in groups 

Conflict in groups is normal, especially as we seek ways of working together that are collaborative and more inclusive of different views. There are simple things can be put in place to pre-empt conflict and support restoration when conflicts happen. Join us for this 2hr session where we will explore what can support healthy engagement with conflict.

Beyond Tools and Processes

Together we will explore why it helps to look more closely in the direction of the invisible factors which bring life and effectiveness to the methods and processes we choose when designing, facilitating and participating in co-productive experiences. 

May there be great spaces in our togetherness: the dance of stepping up and stepping aside

This session is the first of two delivered by social explorer and author, Cormac Russell, who has trained and influenced a host of organisations and sectors around the world in Asset-Based Community Development. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A with Cormac following this session. Further details to follow.

Start close in; then zoom out: Putting community building before coproduction; putting coproduction before service delivery

This is the second session delivered by Cormac Russell. Join Cormac to hear more about the impact of putting community building at the forefront of ideas, projects, and initiatives. Further details to follow.

Co-benefits of caring for the environment together

Many people are keen to take action in their local communities but don’t know where to start. Amity's 'Caring for the Environment Together' programme is an example of what’s possible when people are supported to take inspired action, and also shows that there can be co-benefits for our bodies when we care for the environment.

The Crossroad: The path to power sharing

We are all experiencing crossroads when we compare the current landscape to life before the pandemic. Now that life is opening up again, is there a risk of losing the community-led action and self-organising activity many of us experienced during this time? Angela and Gill are founders of the local mutual aid group and have recently formed Northern Heart & Soul to take forward a bold vision of becoming a self-organising and renovating neighbourhood. In this session Angela and Gill will share learnings and stories from Springfield in Wigan about addressing the crossroads and creating space for conversation.

Bollyfit taster session (women only)

Have you ever wanted to try Bollywood dancing? Now's your chance! Join Shamime Jan in this women-only Bollyfit taster session that aims to tackle health inequalities by bringing women together through culture, music, and dance. Please note: this session is online and open to women of all cultures and backgrounds. 

Power and privilege in virtual spaces

How do power dynamics play out when we collaborate online? In this session we will explore the ways in which power and privilege can shape who is heard or how groups work together in virtual spaces, and share skills and strategies to address these dynamics. 

Community-Led Approaches to Violence Reduction

The GM Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) has commissioned 10GM to deliver a programme of work on community-led approaches to reducing violence. Join us to discuss this approach and to learn about some of the strengths and challenges of working in this way. 

The Collaborate Out Loud (COL) Canvas

The COL canvas is a powerful and flexible tool for effective collaboration, and this session will give you time to think about how it could be used in practice to support and encourage your communities to work together to tackle real challenges.

Creating the spaces for change

In this session we will hear about the Spaces Fund work and why there was a deliberate effort to approach this differently. The spaces are varied and spread across Greater Manchester and are intended to allow those creating them to explore the issues that matter to them, as well as the opportunity to think about who they need to work with in the formal system and what this collaboration might look like in the future.

Building a movement for community power in Greater Manchester 

Coproduction so often disappoints because it fails to understand the importance of power. Looking at the work underway in Greater Manchester, this session will consider the importance of a social Movement for Community Power, seeking to challenge and disrupt the current norms around decision making.


Hidden. adjective. Kept out of sight, concealed. Through this workshop delegates will experience a piece of immersive audio from Made By Mortals Hidden programme  Directors Paul Hine and Andy Smith will explore how they use the principles of coproduction and creative community engagement methodologies to create work and bring about social impact.

Be Brave: Building community-led initiatives in North Manchester 

Established in 2018, The Winning Hearts and Minds programme focusing on understanding different ways to tackle the wide-ranging health inequalities across the city. This session will explore the development and aims of the programme, and how to apply it to your area to encourage coproduction.

Making space for the unusual suspects

It is often the more vocal members of our communicates who put themselves forward for co-production opportunities, or those who are already well connected. This workshop will explore how to make space for those whose contributions we all too often miss.