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Introduction to Systems Leadership

By GM Moving

This session will give an overview of what Systems Leadership is all about, and give practical approaches to help you when you’re dealing with complex situations when working with others.

Making Workplace Physical Activity The Norm

By GM Moving

A workshop looking at how physical activity can boost performance in your workplace by increasing morale and productivity as well as reducing absenteeism.

Ted Talk Cinema Club: Everyday Leadership

By GM Moving and Collaborate Out Loud (COL)

These hour-long spaces are designed to get us thinking and doing, inspired by a series of TED Talks. After the session you will be given a short activity sheet, to help you to continue exploring the topic and experiment with the ideas in your practice.

Communities of values-based practice - Systems Leadership

By GM Moving

The idea behind the values-based community of practice is simple: how can insights from understanding values help us resolve tensions and find solutions, especially in highly charged situations? Join this in-person session to find out more!

Personal values in professional practice - Systems Leadership

By GM Moving

Personal values in professional practice session exploring how our personal values can be one of our most powerful resources when expressing ourselves and connecting with others.

Workplace Physical Activity: Have we set the bar too high?

By GM Moving

Discover why the workplace is the ideal place to give people a reason to move. We'll look at what can be done, how to make sure it's fun, and how many initiatives carry little to no business expense.